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Top 5 Tree Care Tips + Tricks For Winter Snow And Ice Damage

Jul 24

Winter snow and ice can cause chaos to trees and other landscaping surrounding your home. Every winter in the northeast of CT, we see broken branches, splits or trees that are leaning, and sometimes even fallen trees. Trees can be helped recover in spring, even though you cannot predict the weather.


How can you revive your plants after winter?

Here are some tips from Tree Service CT professionals to look at tree damage and eliminate it after winter.




If you spot fallen electrical wires, don't touch them! Beware of utility companies if you see any. Broken or fallen power lines or entangled tree branches should be addressed promptly following the event.


After that, you should look for tree limbs extending above your home, driveway, or other structures. Tree care service CT should fix these safety issues as soon as they arise.


Call your municipality's public works department or a non-life-threatening emergency to report any limbs or trees which block the walkway or the road.


Be sure to check your trees for damage.


Review your trees after an intense winter storm, heavy snowfall, or freezing rain. To ensure that your trees are ready for spring, this check should be done towards the conclusion of winter. Any structural issues in your trees can be more apparent (potentially dangerous) due to the additional weight of spring foliage.


What should you do following an icy winter storm?


  • swaying limb (these can fall at any time, so stay well clear of trees with hanging branches)
  • Broken
  • Snarl
  • Ice or snow bending trees and branches
  • A split tree (this is quite common in Bradford pears and multi-stemmed trees)
  • There are signs that a tree is falling or a tree leaning
  • The leader was smashed or (the principal upward branch).
  • Damaged cabling (these are difficult to evaluate without a more thorough inspection)
  • Split or cracked limbs (these might not be apparent from the ground).
  • Damage that is not visible (like fallen branches clogging your lawn) could be possible. There's probably hidden damage if you notice winter storm damage to your trees. There might be hidden damage if you spot winter storm damage to your trees.




Salt might have been applied to trees that are located near roads. Trees near snow-piled driveways and sidewalks will be exposed to salt as the snow melts and then leach into the soil.


The mechanisms for a defense that shields trees from salt damage are not working. Be aware of salt damage during the growing season and in the spring. The damage might not be visible until later.


Winter salt damage symptoms include:


  • Dying evergreen leaves and needles
  • This is usually the case on trees exposed to salt sprays from nearby roads during wintertime. The leaves and needles of trees become lost, and branches turn ugly.
  • Decaying twigs and branches are evidence of salt damage in deciduous trees.
  • Salt damage is a typical incident in the northeast of CT during winter. There are ways to shield your plants, trees, and perennials.


Learn how to shield trees from damage caused by salt.



Check the health of your tree and any storm damage. The hard, brittle wood found in fast-growing shade trees like silver maples, elms, willows, and birches is simple to split. Crotch unions with a weaker crotch are prone to splitting like those found on Bradford pears.


Some severely damaged trees may have extensive rot and decay that homeowners may not be aware of. It's cheaper and easier to address a tree's issues before the damage is apparent rather than "fix" or eliminate it later.


REALISTIC information about DIY REPAIRS

Certain tree damage isn't evident from the ground. Winter storms can cause tree damage, including the possibility of limbs being broken or fractured by winds.


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